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Professional 24 in Magnetic Strip for Restaurant Knives and Kitchen Tools

  • $3499


* 24" Length

* 1 5/8" Height

* 7/8" Width

* Good for 8-10 Kitchen Knives

* Easy to Clean

* 100% Guaranteed



This is a nice heavy-duty 2 foot knife rack. It keeps all the knives and tools in one place, and it's great for home or commercial kitchens. 


There are no hidden places for dirt to go so it's easy to keep clean, and you can grab a knife quickly when you're in a hurry. 


It comes with screws and wall anchors so it's really easy to install. Just get it, hang it, and store your knives and tools properly.


The magnetic bars also work well for hanging other magnetic tools in a worshop or garage.


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