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Professional Larding Needle - Made in Italy - 12.5" Ergonomic

  • $3999

  • 12.5" LENGTH - Insert fat into you meats to increase and retain moisture and flavor. 
  • ERGONOMIC - Comforable black handle features two finger grooves to make holding and using the needle easy. There is a hole in the handle to insert a string for hanging up. It is flat on the bottom so it will not roll off of your prep tables. 
  • SHARP POINT - The end will easily pierce through any cut that you are prepping. 
  • HOLE FOR FAT - Next to the poing is a 1/2" x 1/4" hole for securing the fat that is being inserted. 
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - This stainless steel larding needle is designed for commercial kitchens and butcher shops. It will not rust or wear out from being in a dishwashing machine. 
  • COZZINI CUTLERY IMPORTS - The larding needle is manufactured by Cozzini Cutlery Imports, a trusted name in commercial butchering and culinary equipment. 

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